Frequency Separation

Our goal is to take textures from an image and put them onto one layer and put the tone, colors and shadows onto a different layer. This allows you to work on texture or color on the other independently. This allows you to retain image (skin) texture while retouching teh blotchiness of color etc..

1 Start by making two separate copy layers Command-J x2.  
2 Rename top layer TEXTURE and Rename middle layer Color, make them a group    
3 Hide Texture layer for now by turning off the eyeball.    
4 make the Blur layer active and (optionally make that layer a sart object so oyu can change the blur amount later)Filter-> Blur->Gaussian Blur    
5 Blur it until the texture just disappears, the amount depends on image content and resolution of image.  
6 Next make Texture layer visible, by clicking its eyeball and make it active by clicking on the layer    
7 Now, We are going to subtract this layer from the previous layer by running a filter on it.    
8 Image->apply image
a. In the top box, the Layer should say your blur layer
b. In the Blending box it should say subtract and
c. The Scale and Offset must be 2 and 128 respectively

9 At this point you shoiuld see a gray layer with only texture and no color. Lookslike High PAss filter    
10 Now change layer blending mode of the Texture layer in the layers pallette to Linear Light  
  Now we are ready to retouch    
11 Select the Blur layer to make it active    
12 press L for the lasso tool    
13 Set the feather radius to a a generous amount (15-40 depending on resolution)    
14 select a largeish (1-2 inches) area of the skin with probelms evident and then    
15 run the gaussian blur filer at an amount that remove the blotchiness.
Continue as necessary until all skin color issue are resolved. Stay away from eyes and hair.
16 Make texture layer active    

Using the Clone stamp tool and MAKING SURE CURRENT LAYER is the Sample box at top on menu bar

Remove any bumps or flaws.

18 Optionally reduce layer transparency a bit