With sincere apologies to Jerry. The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore combining imagery and utilize masking techniques in Photoshop. You must shoot at least part of the imagery specifically for this assignment but you may also draw from your archive of imagery as source material.

Remember quality and direction of light are crucial elements for blending images in a believable manner. Other considerations such as grain structure and digital noise will be relevant as well.

Try to remember just making it weird is not the point to create a believable space that the viewers mind can enter into seamlessly.

Review Jerry's archive of imagery both on his personal site and the PDN legends and find a few of the mimages that you respond to. Create your own interpretations of these images using your own pictures.


At least 4 (but more are encouraged) final prints combining at least 2 or more images.

Shooting at least one element for each of your combinations specifically for the assignment

resources and inspiration


PDN legends interview


Flipping for symmetry


double exposure

Pasteurization and solarization

John Reuter