Analog Slides

Edit down to your best 6 images, the ones you are most proud of and that show off your most successful approach to the assignment. Have these ready to insert into the slide carousel at the beginning of class.

ALL your LABELLED slides should be submitted in a Manila envelope with your name and the assignment on the outside.


I suggest the Adobe photo downloader to download the images from your camera or card reader.

Downsample your files to 1500 pixels wide and save them as jpegs or tiffs for presentation in class.

There should be three folders inside Best, second Best, and Extras and ALL your LABELLED RAW images should be sorted into one of these three folders.

Copy ALL your images to a thumb drive for submission. You must label this on the outside with a (sharpie) felt tip pen (NO PENCILS) and submit it in a proper envelope.


Preparing work for critiques and submission

BEFORE the critique session starts you must edit your work to show. You should edit down to your best 6 images to present to the class.

Choose your 6 best images to show and have 6 more secondary images in reserve to show if there is time.


You must label your work, either on the slide mount or in the file name. EVERY image must have your name and the information from the assignment on it.