Using your gray card assignment

This assignment introduces the fundamental concept of using a using the gray card to get proper exposures every time.

You are going to need three different set ups using only natural light, no artificial light anywhere. Find a place where you can wok undisturbed for a few hours that will have no light pollution form anything other than the sun. You can use a bounce card or a reflective board to redirect the sun if you prefer.

1. Normal scene with a mix of colors and tones

2. High Key - An all light scene, (eggs, milk ,white sheets or towels, crockery) anything that is predominately light toned. Your scene must be almost all white

3. A low key scene - all dark tones Coal on a black sheet...

After setting your camera to M mode Shoot these three scenes two different ways.
1 use the exposure the mater recommends

2. Use the gray card to meter as demonstrated in class.

For inspiration look at:
Paul Outerbridge
Jan Sudek
Giorgio Morandi
Dutch Vanitas painters