Materials List

Professor Terry Towery

This is an expensive and time-consuming class. You must have the materials and time to dedicate to the course. It is possible this will be the most expensive class you will take in college. Please be prepared for this and understand that the University cannot supply your materials and you cannot pass the class without them.

For working during the semester you are required to have:

- A camera in good working order, 35mm film or Digital SLR (or Prosumer camera) with manual control of exposure controls (to be discussed in first class). No fully automatic or point and shoot cameras allowed e.g. camera phone etc.-

- A photographic light meter, built into the camera or hand-held
- Fine Point sharpie marker
- 1 photographic 18% gray card-
- 2 (2 Gig +) thumb drives

Film Supplies

-1 pair scissors
- 25 slide sleeves for 35mm slides
-At least 10 rolls of Slide film (3 should be tungsten balanced 7 should be daylight balanced) We will discuss film in class-
-Cash for processing of above film (approx. $100.00)-
-Slide carousel 80
- at least 25 slide pages and 3 ring notebook-
-film cleaner or can of air or static free brush or a bulb blower or CLEAN makeup brush-
-4 large plain manila style envelopes

Digital Supplies

-2 (2 Gig +) thumb drives
-card reader
-Software such as Photoshop and Bridge

Recommended supplies:

-Clip light and 3200K photoflood
-Polarizing filter

Supply houses

Online shop
Calumet 800 225-8638
B&H 212 444-6615
Freestyle 800 616-3686
Adorama 800-223-2500 (212)741-0052 42 West 18th Street Between 5th and 6th Ave

B&H photo & Video generally has the best prices for these materials. (This store is run by Hasidic Jews and is closed on all Jewish holidays. Call before you go!!! Not open on Saturday or Friday evenings. Open on Sunday before sunset) 1-800-606-6969 (Toll Free) or 212-444-6615 420 Ninth Avenue (between 33rd and 34th Streets), New York, NY 10001

Film Processing
Duggal, and many others on 23th street between 5th Ave and 6th Ave. Ask if they do the processing in house or on the premises.