Materials List

-at least 15 rolls of 36 exposure black and white ISO100 and ISO400 film
- 15 negative sleeves (I like the 5 across in 7 rows style)
- at least 100 sheets of black and white multigrade Photo Paper (DO NOT OPEN IN REGULAR LIGHT!!!) We will discuss types and the diffferences. I recommend Ilford Glossy RC <> for 208 and
for 308 .
- 3 ring binder notebook for Negatives - I recommend the box style that seal to prevent dust
- Dust remover of some variety eg Squeeze bulb, CLEAN makeup brush, Antistatic cloth, canned air eg dust off etc...


- 18% gray card
- *Scissors
- Sharpie style marker
- Quart graduated cylinder

- *Black masking tape
- Hand towel - I recommend the clip on variety eg a golf towel
- Large manila envelopes or similar to submit asssignments in
- *film cleaner
- photographic blotter book
* starred items may be shared

We provide but they are "well used":
- neutral spotone and 000 brush (we have some spotone you can use)
- *Variable contrast filters

Please be aware that Fixer stains your clothes. Please wear older clothes or a rubber/plastic apron to the lab sessions .
Fixer also weakens fingernails significantly. You may wish to wear rubber gloves or a chemical barrier cream.
Contact lenses should not be worn in the darkroom, you should have glasses for lab sessions.

Recommended materials

suggested extra supplies:
- 8.5" x 10.5 inch or larger 3/8" glass with sanded edges
- loupe
- photographic toners
- Marshall's oil colors
- Dry mount tissue
- Matte board WHITE or pearl

308 Supplies

- Toners - there are a variety available for different effects - I recommend Copper, selenium and blue. I recommend sharing this with your classmates.
- CYANOTYPE Kit - Jaquard Cyanotype - Sensitizer Set
- Fiber based photo paper in a variety of sizes, surfaces and tones I suggest Ilford glossyWarm tone paper to start
- 8.5" x 10.5 inch 3/8" glass with sanded edges
- Marshall's oil colors
- Dry mount tissue
- Matte board WHITE or pearl

Supply houses

Freestyle 800 616-3686
B&H 212 444-6615

If you plan to develop at home:
- *Tank and reels (plastic is easier metal is better)
- Changing Bag
- Ilford film developer at least one quart of concentrate (not paper developer!) If we run out of tfilm developer you must provide your own. See below
- * Stop bath - Indicator smallest bottle you can find
- Ilford liquid concentrate Fix - for one quart - Sprint and ilford brands are easiest to work with avoid powdered fixer
- Perma Wash/Hypo Clear - Liquid concentrate
- *Wetting Agent AKA PhotoFlo (We have a lot you can use)
- 4 brown quart stopper bottles
- funnel is a good place to look for used cameras. They warranty them for a month or so so you can check to see if it works properly

Recommended Ilford Chemistry

Ilford Ilfosol-3 Film Developer for Black and White Film (500ml)Ilford Ilfosol-3 Film Developer for Black and White Film (500ml)
B&H #ILI3500ML  • Mfr #1131778

Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath (500ml) Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath (500ml)Price:
B&H #ILISB500ML  • Mfr #1893870

Ilford Rapid Fixer (Liquid,1 Liter)Ilford Rapid Fixer (Liquid,1 Liter)
B&H #ILRFL  • Mfr #1984262

Ilford Universal Wash Aid (Liquid)Ilford Universal Wash Aid (Liquid) for Black & White Film & Paper - 1 Liter
B&H #ILWAL  • Mfr #1970902

Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Agent (Liquid)Ilford Ilfotol Wetting Agent (Liquid) for Black & White Film & Paper - 1 ...
B&H #ILIWA  • Mfr #1905162