The still life

This is a tradition in art reaching back thousands of years. It is not as narrow as it may sound. It is not necessarily a plate of food or a bunch of flowers; almost any controlled situation qualifies as a still life.
Lighting is critical -- remember to bracket.
You are meant to CREATE an image and not seek one out. This is how all advertising works.

at least 72 exposures on contact sheet

at least 7 variations on the idea eg 7 different set ups

at least 5 finished final prints

I strongly recommend a tripod or bean bag for this assignment

Choose one negative that shows a wide range of gray values (from clear to black with many tones in between) print the same negative using the #0,#2,#3.5, and #5 filters making the best print possible each time

remember to bracket

Take complete control of the situation in which you are photographing.. Cropping is not allowed in this assignment. Since you will have complete control of the situation, it will be easy for you to frame within the camera.

Do not hesitate to try any ideas that you may have. You don't necessarily have to print them. Explore many ideas before settling on the final solution. Metering, bracketing and printing will be crucial. If you use a figure, fully direct their body language, clothing, gestures, environment ... I will need to see evidence of some solution to the assignment on the open lab day.

Ed Weston
Dutch still life painting
allegory, metaphor or simile