Photographers and advertisers primary job is to create desire for something where it did not exist before. Whether it is techno lust, ego boosting, status, or simply sexual desire. For those of you who have taken this course more than once, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to manufacture desire.You are to use EVERY technique available to you to make the images perfect.

Specific requirements:

at least 10 ideas roughly shot
at least 5 of those taken to the next level
5 Final images should be meticulously crafted and make the viewer want that desperately. These images should display both consistency and variety. In other words they should not be repetitive but should obviously belong too the same "campaign" or portfolio.

What do you desire? Why think about how images have created desire in you. Sell the sizzle not the steak. Writers don't write about the bell, they write about it ringing. Writers don't write about the ocean, they write about the waves crashing upon the shore. Writers don't write about the glass they write about it shattering. Whether its water or scotch, iPhones or cameras, skateboards or automobiles, sex or happiness photographers regularly shape the viewers desire. Your assignment is to create desire in the user.