Final Portfolio for Studio Photography

The proposal is due the third week of classes. The Proposal should consist of a written description of what you want to do the project about. You should include visual source materials as well eg sketches or clippings.

This is the major part of your final grade.

This is a self directed project of your own choosing. You should choose a direction to pursue and make a portfolio that demonstrates your lighting skills learned in the course. It should be consistent and show a particular point of view or your your own vision. You may not use work from previous semsters or work made before the beginning of this term. You should work on this porject all term long and show progress to the class regularly. We will have in process critiques during the term to help you refine your work.

Your final portfolio should consist of at least 20 printed images in a portfolio case. I recommend the Itoya Expo Art Portfolio as it is less than $10 and looks good.

All images should include a lighting diagram and model releases. If there was an inspiration from another image, include that as well.