The Scheimpflug principle

All students MUST use the view camera or the Cambo X2 system this term. If you choose to shoot film you will need to buy at least 1 Lisco 4x5 film holder (I have a few to lend but they aren't in the greatest shape) and at least 1 10 sheet box of the film of your choice, color (I recommend chrome) or black and white. Remeber that you can scan color film and make color images or B&W digital prints but you can only use black and white film in the darkroom.

The Extreme Closeup (beware of undue bellows extension!)

The object must be twice as large on the film as it is in reality

Use the tilt shift

Photograph a rectangular object from below and keep the perspective of the box square. If you can lay down a graph paper under the film and everything aligns correctly then you did it right.

The portrait

Using a view camera forces you to slow down and concentrate - engage your sitter.


You could also try to make paper negatives in the view camera. Slavich might still make singel weight paper