Studio photography Materials list:

Pair off and share the cost of some of these items. you will need a partner to act as your assistant and you will act as thiers. Find someone whose schedule is compatible with yours.

Manual exposure camera in working order with flash synch (an adapter for your specific camera may be necessary). It is your responsibility to figure which one you need with your specific camera, if you need an adaptor at all.


Hot shoe to PC Cube or Synch cord for your specific camera if you don't have a standard PC connection
Cable Release or wireless remote for your specific brand of camera
SD cards
Dedicated External Hard drive for your photography work - I suggest at least 1 TB and USB 3 or faster
portfolio case
printing paper
Cloud backup
Journal/sketchbook for class
Gaffers tape 2" wide NO DUCT tape allowed in the studio it leaves a gummy mess on things
thumb drive LARGE
photo Quality inkjet paper for Epson
a kneadable rubber eraser
Props of your choosing
AA batteries for the digital mamiya
Portfoilo case Itoya Expo Art Portfolio
White diffusion material eg sheet or kitchen bags
Miscellaneous reflectors etc...

Strongly recommended
Polarizing filter

ND filters

4x5 materials
sheet film
- You may use either color or B&W film. Remeber you can aleways convert color to B&W digitally. If you want to print in the darkroom you should shoot B&W film.
Two-4X5 film holders; each one holds 2 sheets of film.
Ziplock bags to store holders in.

China marker, scissors, Sharpie, exacto knife, small pair of pliers, and any other materials you think you may need to make your work with.
Colored gels
Black and White Fome Core
Hand held flash
Empty 4X5 film boxes