Photography Studio
conduct safety and rules

First and Foremost BE SAFE! I am trying to strike a balance between access, security and safety in the studio. This is a difficult balance. I want you to take advantage of the studio and use it as much as possible. However we have very limited budget for equipment and what we have is all we will get. Please take care of the equipment and return all equipment in good order.

If you are unsure of how to use a piece of equipment, DO NOT try to "figure it out". Ask for help! Strobe units can be deadly!


Remove the cords by the cap, Do not pull on the cords.

Let the power pack power up fully before beginning.

Always turn off power to Power packs and dump the power before unplugging heads.

NEVER touch the contacts on the end of power packs or strobe heads with your bare hands.

Do Not touch the glass portions of flash heads with your fingers, the oils from your skin cause the tubes to heat unvenly and explode.

DO not change the power switch on any pack while it is recycling.

If you are shooting quickly (or using multiple pops on the same shot), Be sure to let the pack fully recycle before popping it again. set your digital cameras to Single shot mode. Beware of motor drives.

Be sure to ask your models if they are epileptic, Strobes can cause seizures in epileptics.


Never leave the studio unlocked and unattended. You are responsible for the equipment!

You must sign in and out of the studio. You must reserve your time ahead so that everyon can plan their stuio time in advance.


Report damaged or missing equipment imediately. Things break, I understand. However, it is important that we know what is and isn't working.

Be careful with the equipment. Use shotbags. Be sure pic stands are fully tightned and not precariously balanced. Do not leave cameras in precarious situations.

NEVER force anything, knobs, power packs etc. should turn relatively easily.

Clean up after yourself! Leave the studio CLEANER than when you entered it. We do not have a maid service and the cleaning staff is not allowed in the studio.

Do not waste materials. have your models wear socks o=r gaffer tape the soles of their shoes. Do test prints in small scale before making your final prints.

Batteries are your responsibility, replace them when they go dead. Put the camera and all peripherals on charge when you leave.

Do not leave modelling lights on unneccessarily, turn them off when not needed.

Neatly wrap up all cables but not too tightly since it may kink the cable.


Try to conserve the seamless. We have very limited amounts of seamless. If we don't have it we can't buy it for you.

If you are not shooting full length, stay off the seamless. If you are shooting full length then gaffers tape the shoes of your model, it protects the seamless and prevents footprints from appearing in your images.

Shooting Table:

DO NOT SCRATCH the plexiglass. It will ruin the table. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING DIRECTLY ONTO THE TABLE. If you put ceramics, metal or any hard object on the table, use something to cushion it. Gaffers tape or a kneadable rubber eraser work well. Stick it to the object, not the table, so there won't be any residues left on the plexi.

The VIEW CAMERA, digital camera and CAmbo X2 are very delicate!!! be careful. If shooting freehand, be sure to use the strap. If shooting tethered to a tripod or camera stand, be sure sure it is secure. Do not let the rolling computer pull the camera over.

Be EXTREMELY careful with any liquids in the studio. Have a back up plan to clean it up if there is a spill. Do not put any liquids anywhere near the power packs, head, cameras or computers.