Studio Photography Weekly Assignments:

You must do each one of these assignments. We will look a these in the critiques as well as in your final portfolio. Your choice of tools is up to you as is your approach to the problem.

If you have not taken this class before you must do the folllowing weekly assignments and include them in your final portfolio:

1 ‘Box' emphasize its squareness
2 ‘Ball’
3 ‘Texture’
4 ‘close-up’;
5 ‘Cogs and chains’
6 ‘lifestyle’
7 ‘Rusty items’
8 ‘Black and White’ or other contrast
9 ‘Cutlery’
10 'jewelry'

11 Portrait
12 Flat art evenly lit
13 high key image eg Egg on White
14 low key image eg Coal on Black
15 High color contrast eg lipsticks or paints in a row

If this is the second time you have taken the class you must do these weekly assignments. I will be adding to the lsit as the semester progresses:

1. Red
2. Splash
3. The thing and its opposite
4. Time
5. Do a metaphorical multi pop image
6. Freeze motion
7. Illustrate your fear or nightmare
8. Using an extreme close-up, make a metaphorical image that is twice as large on the film or viewfinder than it is in reality.
9. Choose a lifestyle magazine and make a stock image apropraite for it.
10. Self portrait as yourself in 10 years.